Construction Loans

Construction Loans & Finance by Finance WarehouseLooking to build your dream home or seeking funds for that big development project? Let the team at Finance Warehouse align you with the construction loan that works with you, not against you. There is no better equipped broker on the market to facilitate your construction loan, whether you are looking for the cheapest rate, the highest LVR, the ability to start construction without pre-sales, whatever the case look not further then the Finance Warehouse.

When selecting your construction facility it’s imperative that it has included features, favourable bank policies, flexibility, no abnormal fee structures and no delays in having progress payments made.

Your Finance Warehouse broker has extensive experience in structuring construction loans for developers and can facilitate development finance for land subdivisions, residential property developments, commercial property developments, office, industrial, retail and hospitality orientated property development loans throughout Australia.

For larger projects its vital to be placed with a lender and manager with a proven track record in funding and managing a large construction facility. Many people overlook the importance of having a reliable bank to meet their financial needs and obligations as they arise during the construction process.

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Typical property development loan structures fall into two main categories:

Total Development Cost (TDC)
Construction loans are based as a percentage on all construction costs associated with the property development such as the land value, construction costs, professional fees, marketing costs, stamp duty, interest and so on.

Gross Realisation Value (GRV)
Based on a percentage of the projects end value upon completion.

We also offer the following additional development loans and construction finance facilities to property developers:

Land Bank Finance
For the finance of land where the construction of the proposed property development will be at a future date

Take-out Facilities
Allows for the refinance of residual stock to repay construction loans, release equity or to allow the property developer time for an extended selling period

Commercial Financing & Business Loans

Commercial financing can be a difficult area to navigate alone. Eliminating variables that will hinder growth is key to the ongoing success of any business. Your Finance Warehouse broker can deliver on placing you with the highly qualified managers and funders on the market, we know the banks current appetite for different scenarios as well as the personal attributes of their commercial bankers. Having the ease of mind that your business banker can support you and your business is an important intangible asset many borrowers fail to consider.

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Our commercial mortgage product offerings range from straight forward commercial loans for both commercial real estate investors and owner occupiers, through to more highly leveraged structured commercial finance facilities as follows:

  • Commercial loans for purchase or refinance of all commercial real estate, industrial and retail assets
  • Commercial loans for owner-occupiers or investors for commercial property assets
  • Commercial loans where security is provided by strong Cash Flow of the business
  • Commercial loans on a Non Recourse basis, where no directors guarantees are required and the only security offered is the commercial property
  • Commercial loans for specialised commercial real estate assets such as pubs, hotels, motels, caravan parks, petrol stations, child care facilities, retirement villages, etc
  • Structured commercial finance facilities where the LVR required exceeds current lending parameters and a structured commercial finance solution is required

With access to Australia’s leading commercial property lenders, we can assist no matter what your commercial finance requirement may be. Your Finance Warehouse Broker can offer you and your business the following benefits:

  • Competitive commercial finance interest rates across the entire commercial mortgage product range from Full Docs to non-conforming asset lends
  • Knowledgeable Banking Managers who work with you to grow your business
  • Tailor made solutions for all your commercial loan requirements
  • Market leading asset finance products
  • Flexible commercial property LVR’s, and other commercial finance terms and conditions
  • Access to non-bank private lenders who adopt a more commercial approach
  • Flexible commercial loan servicing criteria

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Whatever your commercial financing, or construction financing needs, be reassured that the Finance Warehouse has access to the most up to date commercial products in the market.

If you are looking at finance for expansion, investment, leasing, purchase, refinance of commercial properties, retail shops, industrial land, factories, offices or cash flow lending and would like to speak to one of brokers for further information on commercial loans contact us on (02) 8021 2840.

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